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Are you curious how much money you can actually save?​

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"How does solar save me money?"

  • Monthly Savings

Going solar can save you up to $200/month or more on your electric bills.

  • Predictable payments

Instead of paying more each year as utility rates go up, you can lock in a fixed payment today.

  • No Risk

It costs $0 up front - swap an expensive bill for a cheaper bill.

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Make your own energy...

Never worry about electric prices again!

With $0 upfront, we can help you lock in a predictable cost of electricity for the next 25 years so that you never have to think about the constant electricity price hikes.

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Who We Are

About Green Horizon Solar

Our approach is transparent and educational, ensuring you are fully informed and comfortable at every stage of your solar journey, including dedicated after-sales support for ongoing peace of mind. When you choose Green Horizon Solar, you're choosing a lifetime of reliable, clean energy, backed by a team dedicated to excellence and integrity. Trust us to light up your world with the best solar experience you can imagine.


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