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"Why should I go solar?"

There are 4 primary reasons why installing solar benefits you.


Financial Return

Solar is now highly lucrative due to the 30% tax credit through the Inflation Reduction Act. You can now offset the cost of electric without any cash upfront.

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Predictable Bills

You are no longer at the mercy of the utility's energy monopoly and the constant electricity rate hikes.

Electrical Grid Transformer

Energy Independence

With solar, you own the power plant! Since you are generating your own electricity, you can always rest assured you'll be prepared for anything.

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Environmental Conservation

Every time you switch on the lights, you know you're greatly helping to protect the environment by using the cleanest energy available.

Case Study: Juan

Juan's Energy Bill dropped over $500 in one month.

Juan went solar to combat extremely high electricity pricing from his utility. With his new rooftop system, he now just pays a fraction of his original electricity bill.

"You're going to use energy, no matter what. You can either pay them a lot for it, or you can take control of it and get rid of that bill yourself."

Juan Going Solar
Kristy going Solar

Case Study: Kristy

Kristy no longer relies on the grid

Kristy was looking for a way to take back her independence and be free of the unpredictable price increases of electricity. Over 23 years, her electric bills went from $60/month to $300/month. She got a solar system and a battery backup which means she makes her own power and then uses it at night.

"I'm really tired of the big companies getting rich, while we're still having to pay more."

Case Study: John

John decided to do what is right for the future 

John has always believed preserving clean air and clean water for future generations. He wanted to make the right choice to protect the environment, so he installed solar on his home. Now he has $0 electricity bills, and feels empowered knowing he did the right thing.

"Every human being should do a little, whatever they can to help improve the environment, because we're responsible for the next generation. Our children, and our children will be responsible for their children."

John going solar
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