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Step 1 - Assess eligibility & review a preliminary design

A Green Horizon Solar Expert will look at your home, electricity distribution panel, roof and utility bill so they can properly design an optimized solar array. This preliminary design will be shown and explained to you.

Your needs - such as battery backup, roofing, or tree trimming - will be collected and recorded in this design proposal.

Step 2 - Determine financing

This step is vitally important and all too often skipped over by solar companies. Since there is no "one-size-fits-all", it is critical that our Solar Expert assess your financials - tax liability, future plans, and energy preferences.

This will be carefully reviewed and the best financing options will be communicated clearly and concisely - whether it be a cash purchase, solar loan, credit union loan, second mortgage, solar lease or PPA.

Step 3 - Site survey

Once you approve the proposal and financing, a site survey will need to be performed. This will be done either virtually on the computer, or with a dedicated Site Survey Specialist. The purpose is to confirm the compatibility between your home and the system design proposal.

If anything needs to be changed in order to optimize the system's safety, performance or function, a "change order" will be issued. These minor changes will need your final approval before construction can begin.

Average time:

3-10 days

Step 4 - Permitting

After you approve the final design, plans will be submitted for permitting. This can take anywhere from a few days up to several weeks, depending on the "AHJ", or "Authority Having Jurisdiction".

Thankfully, the rates you approved will be locked in during this time and even if rates go up, there is no risk of your rate changing.

Average time:

1-8 weeks

Step 5 - Installation

The installation date will be communicated with you, and once you approve it, our installation partner will make sure your solar is installed safely, quickly and effectively.

All of our professional installation partners are carefully selected for quality, integrity and expertise, and are backed with high reviews and BBB ratings.

Average time:

2 weeks

Step 6 - Final inspection, interconnection and power ON

Once your panels are installed, a local electric authority will be scheduled to inspect your system and sign off the permit as final. The interconnection documentation is submitted to the utility and then they will notify us of "Permission to Operate", or "PTO".


As soon as we receive PTO, your system will be immediately activated and your home will be transformed into a self-sufficient, eco-friendly power plant!

Average time:

2-3 weeks

Step 7 - Enjoy total energy independence!

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